Terrific Tie-dye

In Art, Year Two have been learning all about tie-dye. First, they learned about Yokisho Wada, a Japanese artist. She uses a dyeing technique called Shibori, which is very similar to tie-dye. The children said whether they liked her artwork or not and described how it made them feel.

The children then practised three different tie-dye techniques – striped, polka dot and spiral. They had to manipulate the fabric in different ways to create each pattern and then secure it in place with elastic bands. Tying the elastic bands was very tricky, but the children persevered and did a brilliant job! Once they had created their three samples, it was time to dye the fabric. As the children had to submerge the fabric in the dye, they had to wear gloves to keep their hands clean.

For the final piece of artwork, the children had to tie-dye a pair of socks. They could choose whether they wanted to create a stripe, polka dot or spiral pattern. Once they had decided, they had to use elastic bands to secure the fabric in place. Then, as before, they had to dip each sock in dye. The socks got very wet and are still drying. However, the children will soon be able to bring their colourful creations home to wear.

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