A visit from the Mosque

This afternoon, Year 5 have been lucky enough to have Brother Khadim from Newcastle Central Mosque come into school to teach them about Islam, in keeping with their RE topic for this half term. Brother Khadim – and his wife – showed the children pictures of mosques, the Hajj and the Kaaba, and the children had many questions about the pilgrimages that many Muslims attempt to undertake.

They also discussed the Fiver Pillars of Islam, and how these link to prayer, as well as how those who follow Islam intend to live their day to day lives. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the key elements of Islam, and were keen to discuss them both with Brother Khadim and his wife, and back in the classroom.

Additionally, Brother Khadim brought along prayer mats and several artefacts used in worship, so the children were able to see what Muslims use to pray, and why they use them.

It was lovely to have Brother Khadim and his wife visit us in school, and the children were all very pleased and grateful to them for coming in.

Article 30 – We all have the right to use our own culture, language and religion.

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