Reading Corner

This week, the reading recommendations are non-fiction books. Often, when we think about reading for pleasure, we discuss stories that the children have read, but many children, and adults alike, love the opportunity to find something out from a book. Being able to research and discover information for yourself, is a key skill, but is also something that can bring great pleasure and enthusiasm.

Curious Questions and Answers about Our Planet (Ages 5-10): I’m sure we have all been asked amazing and wonderful questions like ‘How are rainbows made?’ or ‘Can cars run on chocolate?’ This book covers a whole range of the weird and wonderful questions that children might ask about the planet they live on and it answers them in a child-friendly and interesting way.

Adventures on Earth (Ages 6-11): Bursting with information and illustrated with colourful graphics, this book details adventures in different environments on Earth. The information raises issues about how global warming is affecting the different environments and what challenges the animals face living there. A must read for avid explorers – big and small.

Article 31: We all have the right to rest, relax and play.

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