Let’s Build a House

This term Year One are learning all about non-fiction books.  On Monday the title of the book was  revealed – Let’s Build a house.  To launch the book, the children had to use equipment found in the classroom to build a house, the only criteria being that they must include walls, a roof, windows and doors.  Some children chose resources from the construction area such as Lego, Duplo or stickle bricks.  Whilst others decided to create a house with more natural materials such as twigs, logs, pinecones and shells.  Some children also decided to use junk modelling to create their house.  The teachers were impressed not only with the pupils’ creativity but also with their co-operation  and communication skills.  Some groups even added extra features to their house such as a garage, garden or chimney.  Everyone was really excited to discover what the front cover of the book looked like and they can’t wait to start reading it next week.

Article 28: We all have the right to a good quality education


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