Healthy Packed Lunches

In Design and Technology, Year Two have been making healthy packed lunches.

As part of their research, the children learned about Jethro Tull and his incredible invention – the seed drill. Tull began farming in 1699 when seeds were planted by hand. He found this very frustrating, so he decided to make a machine to do all of the hard work for him.

Next, the children had to sort pictures of food into ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’, This helped them decide which foods they should include in their packed lunch and which they shouldn’t.

For their design, the children chose a ham or cheese sandwich, thought about the healthy snacks they wanted to include and decided which treat they would like to have.

Once the designs were finalised, it was time to make. The children had to use the equipment safely and sensibly especially when grating and peeling their carrots. If that wasn’t tricky enough, they then had to use scales to weigh the vegetable to make sure they had prepared the right amount.

After all of their hard work, it was finally time to enjoy their culinary creations. Delicious!

Article 24 – We all have the right to healthy food.


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