Year 5 Gymnastics

This half term, Year 5 have been enjoying gymnastics during their P.E. lessons. The children have practised combining and performing gymnastic actions, shapes and balances fluently and effectively to make sequences of movement. To begin, the children practised key shapes such as the pike, straddle, front support or arch and worked with a partner to produce a series of shapes symmetrically or mirroring one another. After this, the classes have continued to work in pairs and used their skills of communication and teamwork to create sequences that can include balances, shapes, methods of travelling, jumps and rolls. At the end of each lesson, the children have had the opportunity to share their sequence with the rest of the class and offer feedback to others. It has been a pleasure to see how imaginative the children have been in their ideas for their routines and how they have ensured that the actions are performed with good technique and body control.

Article 31- We all have the right to take part in cultural and creative activities.


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