Reading Stars

This is the first Reading Stars post since Christmas and takes into account all of the reading the children have been doing in KS2 since January. It has been brilliant to see so many children eager to read, share books and take quizzes on their own books as well as those they have read in school.

We have lots of children who have now read 50,000 words on Reading Plus; some children who have read 100,000 words; and one child in year 5 who has actually read 250,000 words. This is a phenomenal achievement since the beginning of September!

This month’s class winners are:

Reading Plus : Class 6B with an average reading score of 81.7%.

Accelerated Reader: Class 3a with an average quiz score of 84.5%.

Both programmes recognise 80%+ as being the target for reading, so well done to both classes who have managed to average over this for the whole of the month!


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