Choo choo – All Aboard!

In Literacy this week we read the story “The Train Ride” which focuses on a train journey to the seaside and a variety of things that may be seen, out of the window, along the way. The children were set a challenge to recall the story through pictures and sequence them in the correct order from start to finish. They listened to the story, watched a video clip of the story on the computer and then used their imaginations to act it out before having a go at their sequencing challenge. The children worked in small groups, working together to talk through what they each remember and order the pictures. They then tried to retell the story using only the pictures to make their own stories of the train ride journey. We referred to the repeated refrain sentence in the story, ‘what can I see?’, and had a go using our phonics to write our own sentences about what might be seen on a train journey.

Vocabulary this week: train, track, station, journey, tunnel, town, tractor, countryside, seaside, lighthouse, foal, mare, grazing, gaggling, ticket collector, ticket, bridge, hot air balloon, viaduct, next, before, after, start, end, order.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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