South American Antics!

This half term, our topic in Year 5 is ‘Life in the Rainforest’, focussing on the Amazon Rainforest, and so far, the children are absolutely loving it! Although we have learned a lot about the rainforest in our English book (‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell), it was our Geography lessons that really got the buzz going!

We started out by identifying South America on a map and on a globe, before looking more closely at all of the countries within the continent. We identified major rivers, mountains and cities, and the children enjoyed playing the ‘capital city game’ with the atlases! After annotating a map, Year 5 children continued using the atlases, as well as the internet, to research some of the different countries within South America; most children looked into Brazil, and visiting Rio de Janeiro is definitely on a few bucket lists now!

We are looking forward to finding out more about South America over the rest of the term!

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