Alarming Vehicles

This half term, Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their DT project- Alarming Vehicles. For the unit, the children were asked to design and make an alarm system for a tipper truck based on three criteria. The classes were told that the alarm system needed to meet the needs of the vehicle user; use a pressure sensor and be hidden from view.  To begin, the children looked at where and when different types of alarms might be used.  The classes then used their understanding of simple electrical circuits and switches to help them generate ideas about their alarm and produce a circuit diagram to show the components that they would include. Following this, each child decorated a vehicle net for their tipper truck before carefully cutting it out and folding it to create the body of the truck. Finally, the children experimented with their planned circuit to incorporate a ‘push to make’ switch to trigger a buzzer alarm.  Each class produced some great ideas for their designs and it was great to hear and see what they had planned and made.

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