Year Two at the Discovery Museum

Year Two have had a fantastic day out at the Discovery Museum. They learnt all about The Great Fire of Gateshead and looked at some objects that would be found in a Victorian Home. For their task, they had to match the object to the correct label. However, one of the objects on each table didn’t have a label, so the children had to guess what the object was and what it would be used for. These included a carpet beater, a potato masher, a Victorian toaster, a hot coal bottle and a penny lick.

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the museum’s exhibits. They had the opportunity to use a pulley to move a load up and down and side to side; to turn the swing bridge; and learned about local wildlife. They also had to work together as a team to build a bridge. The children had lots of fun testing whether the bridge was strong enough to walk across.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the day was exploring the Science Zone. The children loved investigating how gravity, light and forces all work. They particularly enjoyed creating pictures on the shadow wall, playing air hockey and powering a lightbulb.

Article 31 – We all have the right to rest, relax and play.


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