Art Project is Launched

Today was the official announcement to our children that an exciting art project was being undertaken with the aim of producing work for school which would represent our school community.

Leanne Billinghurst, who is a parent of children at Harlow Green but also a professional artist, had discussed with Mr Malik the possibility of volunteering to paint portraits of some of our children which could then be presented in school.  After some discussion about how brilliant this could be, it was decided that Leanne could paint the portrait of an individual child from each of our Year Groups which, when finished, would be displayed as a gallery in our main entrance.

This afternoon, each class had the fantastic opportunity to come into the hall and spend time with Leanne where they heard about the process, saw some of the portraits so far and were able to ask questions to find out more.  However, the most amazing aspect was that they were all able to see Leanne paint in real-time!  It is not very often that you would get a chance to see a professional artist paint in real life, so the children were suitably excited.  One of Year 6 children stated that this was ‘a privilege’ whilst a Year 1 pupil said that they wanted to be a professional artist themselves.

We will be keeping the children updated as the project develops and will share with everyone when the artwork is completed.

In the meantime, we would like to thank Leanne for her time this afternoon which we all found extremely inspiring!

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