Reading Corner

Over the last few weeks, it has been lovely to hear so many children talking about the books that they are reading in school and being asked for recommendations and authors, so that they can read more at home.

This week’s books actually come from recommendations from Mr Allen’s son – one that he thought was hilarious and the other that he wanted to read because it  came up on books that might be similar to How to Train a Dragon, which he had enjoyed reading previously. This is one of the best ways to find new books and authors, looking at links to books you already enjoy.

Cat Problems (Age 5+): A really funny book written by a grumpy cat that tells us all abut the problems in their life. The humour is excellent for adults and children alike.

Dragon Mountain: Action packed and mythical. This adventure story is full of twists and turns and leaves you desperate to read the next chapter – as all good books should!

Beverly Cleary quote: Children should learn that reading is pleasure, not  just something...

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