Reading Stars

As we reach the end of the half-term, it is excellent to see the effort that so many children have been making to read regularly. All children in KS2 should be reading using either Reading Plus or Lexia and then their Accelerated Reader books each week.

Over the last fortnight the two classes with the highest scores are shown below.

Reading Plus: Year 6B with 83.6%

Accelerated Reader Year 6A with 86.4%

Underneath is a table showing the staggering number of words that different classes in KS2 have read – over 6 million in total since September!
Well done to both Year 5 classes who are word reading millionaires!


  Reading Plus Total Accelerated Reader Total Total Words
3A   85, 347 85,347
3B   325,480 325,480
4A 302,990 316,295 619,285
4B 45,438 635,137 680,575
5A 140.364 1,186,688 1,327,052
5B 401.117 777,518 1,178,635
6A 512,075 480,360 992,435
6B 400,715 583,973 984,688


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