How ‘Viking’ are we?

In History, we are studying the Vikings and this week we have looked at how they influenced where we live and how we live today.  We started with the chronology of when the Viking raids took place.  Then we have been looking at houses, lifestyle, work and place names locally – identifying those that are of Viking origin.  Did you know that towns and villages with names ending in -thorpe, -ness, -by and -kirk are all likely to have their origins in Viking heritage?

We looked closely at a sample from an Ordinance Survey map of York to spot some of the towns and villages surrounding the City that have Viking names.

We have also been looking at how the Viking way of life differs from ours.  From clothes to houses and food to jobs – we decided that we prefer now – since there were no mobile telephones or games consoles in Viking England!

Article 28 – We have the right to a good quality education.





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