Marvellous Maps!

In Geography, Year 2 have been learning all about maps. First, the children learnt that maps use symbols as there isn’t enough room on a map to write words/sentences. The children learnt about some basic map symbols and what they represented. Then they went on a map symbol hunt around the grounds of the school! During our hunt, the children found symbols that represented the gazebo, the bike shed, the firepit, the polytunnel, trees, the adventure playground and a picnic bench. Next, the children created their own symbol for something else around school. Some children created a symbol for a bin, the story chair, the chicken coop or anything else they saw during our symbol hunt.

The children then put their symbol knowledge to the test by creating their own map of the school. They had to make sure their symbols were in the correct place on the map by using other symbols to help them locate it, which was very tricky! The children worked hard to carefully create their map and draw their symbols. Take a look at the pictures below to see how fantastic Year 2 are at making marvellous maps!

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