Year Five Sports Week

Throughout Sports Week, Year Five (Mrs Jennings’s class) have taken part in lots of interesting activities based around sport and a country that is taking part in the Olympic Games. Year Five’s country was Tanzania and the children have learnt lots about what it would be like to go there. Many of the children (and Mrs Jennings) decided they would love to visit Zanzibar’s beaches while others would like to go on safari.  In English, we have focused our work on a famous Tanzanian athlete, Filbert Bai, who broke the 1500m world record in 1974.  The children researched about his life and achievements and then wrote a biography about him.  Art, this week was based on colour mixing.  First of all, the children mixed paints to create a colour wheel.  They then painted a scene or landmark from Tanzania- the results were excellent. The children (and Mrs Jennings) also really enjoyed Hoopstarz – we all learned lots of new hula-hooping skills and tricks!

This afternoon, we took part in our sport’s afternoon. The attitude from all of the children was brilliant. It was fantastic to see the children smiling when they won events but also supporting their peers.

What a wonderful week!

UNICEF Article 24: We all have the right to be healthy and happy

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