Delicious DT!

The year 4 children have enjoyed the chance to prepare and eat a delicious traditional Greek dish as part of their DT topic this summer. After studying Greece in both history and geography this year, it was an ideal opportunity to continue their studies into traditional Greek dishes and ingredients. They learnt about how the mediterranean climate allows the Greeks to grow foods such as olives, figs, citrus fruits, tomatoes and peaches. The surrounding warm seas also provide the country with an amazing array of seafood such as shrimps, octopus, sardines, swordfish and oysters. Another food  traditionally eaten in Greece is feta cheese, which is made from goats or sheeps milk. The children chose this simple ingredient, which is readily available in UK supermarkets, to create a Greek style salad to be eaten with a traditional Greek flatbread. The preparation involved the careful chopping of cucumber, tomatoes, olives and cheese into small pieces using proper chopping knives. The children were exceptionally careful and showed great skill in cutting the ingredients into small evenly sized pieces. They then arranged these onto their flatbread and added a drizzle of olive oil. The children were really proud of the presentation of their food, but most were particularly impressed by the taste. Many children who had never tasted feta cheese absolutely loved it, and a few even liked the taste of the olives! Their enthusiasm and willingness to try something new was the most pleasing thing to see. Hopefully this experience will encourage the children in year 4 to be more involved in the preparation of food at home, and to try new and different foods.

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personality, talents and abilities.

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