Year 2’s Super Sports Day!

This afternoon, Year 2 had their Sports Day! The children participated in lots of different events to score points for their teams (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green).

First, the children threw nerfs as far as they could, completed an obstacle course, tried to score a goal in the penalty shoot-out and completed a long jump! Then, the children participated in lots of races and cheered on their team-mates! The races were as follows:

  • skipping
  • hurdles
  • balancing bean bag on their head
  • egg and spoon
  • sack race
  • sprint
  • 1 lap of the field
  • 2 laps of the field
  • 3 laps of the field

It was fantastic to see the children’s competitive natures but also how understanding and excited they were to cheer others on! It was an afternoon that was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The results:

 Miss Norman’s Class: 

1st: Yellow team

2nd: Blue team

3rd: Green team

4th: Red team

Miss Bull’s Class: 

1st: Blue team

2nd: Red team

3rd: Green team

4th: Yellow team


1st: Blue team

2nd: Yellow team

Joint 3rd: Green team and Red team

When all of the classes across the school have completed their Sports Day, we will combine all of the scores and see which team is victorious!

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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