A team to be proud of

I’m sure everyone is feeling a little down this morning after such a stressful and disappointing outcome yesterday.  However, upon reflection, this team has brought us a welcomed distraction over the last few weeks and allowed us to think about something positive when there have been so much stress elsewhere.

After such an absorbing match which put us all through the emotional wringer, deciding on penalties just seemed cruel.  Watching the young team members take penalties yesterday, knowing the potential abuse they would receive if they missed, was heart-breaking.  As a parent, I can’t imagine what it must be like for their families let alone for them as individuals.  This team have given all they could, and we should be very proud of each and every one of them.

Already, this morning, the our children (although tired!) seem very upbeat about the result and have spoken about how well the team have performed, which has been lovely to hear.  We will be sharing a presentation with our children to focus on the positives, which can be seen on the video below.

Another step forward in the progress of our national team is something we can all get behind.

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I agree with the sentiment, but what about the women’s Euros next year also? Been hosted here in England?

Like with England in any large tournament, we will be supporting our Lionesses at their rearranged Euros. We will hope they can emulate their success as winners of the SheBelieves Cup in 2019 and their fourth place finish at the World Cup that same year. We will ensure that we promote this in school and get Harlow Green behind the national team once again!

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