Brilliant Bunting

This week, Year Two have been learning how to sew and have created a piece of bunting. They learnt that bunting is rows of small, coloured flags used as a decoration when celebrating special occasions. The children found out that in the past bunting was used to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee and VE Day and, more recently, the Euro 2020 Football Championships.

To begin, they practised how to sew a running stitch. Even though it looked easy, the children had to persevere to create a tangle-free seam. It was tricky!

Before they could make their bunting, the children had to design what the finished product would look like. Lots of the boys and girls chose to decorate their bunting with their initial, whereas others were inspired by England’s recent sporting achievements and chose to incorporate the flag as part of their design.

The children had lots of fun applying what they had learnt and making their design come to life, The bunting they have made will be used to decorate the classroom for Sports Week.

Article 31 – We all have the right to take part in cultural and creative activities.

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