This week Year One have started a new block of work in art.  The children have been observing shells to find different patterns, lines and shapes.  Firstly they looked at  pictures of shells and then carefully tore round them to stick them in their books.  Secondly, using a pencil, everyone drew the different patterns they found.  They found stripes, spirals, wriggly lines, bumps, wave shapes and dots, among other patterns.  The next day the children used oil pastels and colouring pencils to shade in their patterns.  The finished results are amazing.  Everyone took such care to include detail.  In the following weeks we will be studying the art work of Georgia O’Keefe and making tiles inspired by shell patterns out of clay.  We are all very excited!

Article 31: I have the right to relax, play and take part in a range of activities.

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