Marvellous Multiskills

In Year 2, we have been extremely lucky this week to have an additional PE session led by Mr McMann! The children participated in 8 different activities challenging them in lots of different ways! The first activity required the children to complete a two footed jump into hoops laid across the field. For the second activity, the children had to practise their footwork running through a ladder. Then, the children practised turning while trying to move quickly by completing an ‘s’ shape around two posts while running a length of the field. Next, the children practised their throwing technique by throwing bean bags into hoops that were different distances away from them. After that, the children practised running and jumping over hurdles of varying heights. The children then practised their control while running by weaving in and out of posts. Finally, the children practised their ball control by dribbling a football around cones and trying to shoot into a goal at the end.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed this extra PE lesson, practising lots of different skills as well as helping to improve their fitness (and we also loved being outside in the fresh air and sunshine!).

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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