Comic Strip Connoisseurs!

This half term in English, Year 5 are using a video entitled ‘Ride of Passage’ as a stimulus; it follows Toki – a boy living in a tribe in the rainforest – while he grapples with the idea of hunting animals to gain honour and respect from his tribe members. The video has no dialogue, only music and sound effects, and so to begin with, it was a little bit tricky trying to work out what was actually going on!

To support this, the children were asked to bullet point eight different things that happen in the video, and then turn them into a comic strip! Children wrote summaries of each section of the video (including a modal verb in each, consolidating their knowledge from earlier in the week!) before drawing pictures of Toki, the chameleon and the rainforest! Following this, the children had a much greater understanding of the text, and are now ready to start analysing it!

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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