Tremendous Tie-Dye

In Art this term, Year 2 have been learning all about patterns. First, we learnt three different techniques to tie-dye. The patterns these created were spots, stripes and spirals. The children tried all of these techniques on a small bit of fabric. They had to roll, pinch or twist the material and then secure it using rubber bands. The rubber bands proved to be very tricky to put on but with lots of practise, perseverance and patience, all the children successfully tied their material. The children then dipped these into different coloured dye and a few days  later (once they had dried!) removed the rubber bands to reveal the final results! We all learnt a lot from this, but the biggest lesson was that the rubber bands needed to be tied much tighter than we thought!

The children then chose one or two of their favourite tie-die methods to tie-dye a pair of white socks. The children used their newly learnt rubber band tying skills to tie rubber bands to secure the socks in the correct position. Then, they dipped their socks in some dye and waited a few days for them to dry out. The children were so impressed with their tie-dyed socks and how they had changed the plain white socks into funky, colourful socks!

Furthermore, the children also learnt about creating patterns by printing this week. The children used sponges on sticks to create patterns using paint. Have a look at the photos to see their incredible printed patterns!

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