Biscuit Bonanza!

As out topic this half term has focussed around South America and the Amazon Rainforest, the children in Year 5 have looked at ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients as part of their DT work. They were very interested in learning about the effects and impacts of using palm oil, and are eager to ensure they buy sustainable produce in the future if they can!

Our DT block of work has culminated today in a biscuit baking bonanza! The children designed biscuits, based on an Argentinian recipe, and added an extra ingredient that would be sustainable in South America. Whilst most of the children (predictably!) went for chocolate chips, some added lemon, coffee, dried fruit and more!

They were able to calculate rations of ingredients successfully, allowing us to make a larger batch of dough to share out.

The children were delighted with their biscuits (especially after the addition of caramel for those who wanted it!) and we are sure they will be happy to replicate the recipe for adults at home!

Article 24 – We all have the right to food.

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