Making Music

In Computing, Year Two have been using Chrome Music Lab to create their own musical patterns. The children explored how they could adapt their pattern by adjusting the tempo (the pace of the music) and the instrument used. Some of the children chose to create a repeating pattern while others used the program to create a tune in the form of an image. Many of the children set themselves the challenge of using nearly every note to create not only a musical pattern but a colourful one too.

The children learnt that pitch is how high or low a sound is. At first, the boys and girls created a high and low pitch with their voices (which they found very funny). Then, using Chrome Music Lab, they discovered that they could choose to use both high and low pitch sounds to create their musical pattern. Once the children had composed their musical masterpiece, some decided to create a rhythm pattern to play alongside it. By the end of the lesson, the classroom was filled with a variety of music.

This term, the children have also used Chrome Music Lab to create music through drawing. The children explored the effect of drawing long and short sounds and had great fun creating faces using a range of shapes.

Article 31 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.

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