Our Wonderful World

In Geography, Year Two have been learning all about the continents, oceans and climate zones. They learnt that Asia is the biggest continent in the world and is home to giant pandas, tigers and monkeys. Also, they were very interested to find out that Africa has the most countries of any continent – 54 in total! By labelling the continents on a map, the children learnt which are close to one another and whether they can be found in the Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere or both!

Year Two have also learnt about the different climate zones. They found out that the Arctic has the coldest temperatures, but countries near the equator have a tropical climate. The children had lots of fun colour coding a map of the world to show how the climate zones change.

Not only have the children learnt all about the continents, but the oceans that surround them too. Did you know, oceans make up over 70% of the Earth’s surface? The children had lots of fun learning about the animals that live in the world’s oceans, including dugongs (also known as sea cows) and found out that the Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean in the world.

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