Wonderful Weaving!

This week we have been doing some Design and Technology and in particular focussing on weaving.  Our project is to design and then make a table mat.  First we investigated different table mats, what shape they are, what they are made from and what their purpose is.  Next we all had a go at weaving and went outside to weave ribbon and fabric through the MUGA fence.  The children soon learnt to go under and then over.  Next we had a go at weaving some felt.  It was tricky but we persevered.    Before making our animal shaped table mats, we designed them and talked about what equipment we would need.  Finally we started weaving our table mats out of paper.  The children could choose what animal they wanted to make – an owl, a fish, a butterfly or a tortoise.  Although it was hard working, the results are fantastic.  Take a look at our amazing weaving!

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.




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