Marvellous Mark Making

In Art, Year Two have been learning how to mark make. The children learnt that they can create different marks by drawing a variety of lines, dots and patterns. They also learnt that mark making can be used to show how an object feels or how light / dark areas of the object are. This week, the children used pencil to create their marks but learnt that a range of materials can be used, including charcoal.

Year Two practised lots of different mark making techniques, including hatching, woven hatching and even scribbling. It was lots of fun!  The children then had the opportunity to apply the skills they had learnt to create their own mark making pattern. Have a look at some of the sensational skills on display. They’re fantastic!

Next week, the children are going to create marks using charcoal, which is bound to be lots of fun if not a little bit messy!

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