National Lockdown – School Provision

Like you all, I have watched this evening’s announcement from the Prime Minister which has confirmed we are once again in lockdown.  As a consequence of this, you will understand that schools must now revert back to the situation in the spring where we are only able to accommodate children of Key Workers and children identified as vulnerable.

This is very much not the position that schools wish to be in but we must do our part in the collective effort against this virus which must be brought under control.

The national message is, where possible, to STAY AT HOME.

Organising tomorrow will be challenging, after such short notice, but we will work with families to get this right over the week.

Next Steps:

  • If you have not done so already, everyone must complete the Key Worker survey click           here
  • Even if you are a Key Worker, if possible, you should attempt to keep children at home where they will access Home Learning provision
  • Where Key Workers are unable to have their children supervised at home, you can send your child into school tomorrow, if the survey in the above link has been completed
  • Staff will identify vulnerable children and contact parents/carers this evening or tomorrow
  • Staff will create registers of agreed children for each class over the week to confirm places ready for a more consistent approach the following week
  • We will be in discussion with the Local Authority regarding provision for Free School Meals
  • Children at home should access Home learning which is posted on our website and available every Monday

This will be another test of how communities work collectively but, as we have seen over this whole period, the Harlow Green community will meet this challenge successfully.

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