Exciting Electricity!

In Science this term, year 4 have been learning all about electricity. The children explained that electricity is a type of energy that makes things work: making a light bulb light up, a kettle heat water, a fan spin and a radio play music. They identified the different devices that run on mains or battery power, and learnt about the difference between current and static electricity. Great fun was had using balloons to demonstrate the behaviour of static electricity! The children also explained how electricity is generated in power stations that burn fuel, and described some of the newer renewable sources that are safer for the environment. The highlight of the topic was undoubtedly building circuits, where the children had to make bulbs light and buzzers make a lot of noise. They described how the electricity flowed from the positive end of the battery, through the wires and components and back into the negative end. They also investigated why different circuits wouldn’t work by identifying gaps or missing components, and explained that a circuit must be complete to work. Next, they will be investigating which materials are good conductors of electricity and can be used to complete a circuit.

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