Christian Values

This half term in RE, Year 5 have been studying Christianity. We began by focussing on the Ten Commandments; we discussed what each commandment meant, and although we understand they’re all equally as important overall, we decided which we thought was the most important to us as individuals, and why we felt that way. Some of us even came up with commandments of our own!

We then moved on to the Sermon on the Mount. We struggled a little to understand what each of the Beatitudes meant, but we discussed them together before creating a picture to represent each one.

We are now focussing on how Christian charity give alms (virtuous acts of giving to others), particularly around Christmas, before researching The Salvation Army, and all of the appeals they carry out both over the year, and during the festive period.

Article 14 – We all have the right to follow our own religion


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