Special Places

In RE this term, year 4 have been learning about places in the world that are of special importance to Christians. The children were able to share their own special places and explain why they are important to them. They then found out about why different places around the world are so important to Christians that they often travel thousands of miles to visit them. These travellers, known as pilgrims, visit places that are significant in the Bible or are places where miracles are believed to have taken place. The children studied the main pilgrimage site in Europe – a  town in southern France called Lourdes, where a young girl, called Bernadette, saw visions of the Virgin Mary. The history of this site was fascinating for the children to learn about and they have created some beautiful leaflets giving information about its importance and why pilgrims choose to visit.

Article 14 – We all have the right to follow our own religion.

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