Amazing Advent

In RE, we have been learning all about why Christians celebrate advent. We learnt that the word ‘advent’ means to count up or the arrival of something.

In churches, they celebrate advent by using advent wreaths. These are wreaths that contain 5 candles. Each of the candles represent something different and the candles are certain colours. There are three purple candles which represent love, hope and peace; there is one pink candle that represents joy; and there is one white candle in the middle that represents the birth of Jesus. One of these candles is lit on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas (starting on the Sunday nearest the 30th November). The final, white candle is lit on Christmas day.

We then compared this to how we might celebrate advent, counting up to Christmas. (We also discussed that we are actually counting up to Christmas, not down!). Some of us had chocolate advent calendars, some had sticker ones, some have signs telling them how many days were left and many more!

Finally, we made our very own advent wreath!

Article 14 – We all have the right to follow our own religion.

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