Moving Toys.

This week Year One have been introduced to a new subject – design and technology.  First we investigated how toys could move .  We discovered that some toys need to be wound up – like our toy caterpillars.  The children also learnt that some toys with wheels needed to be pulled backwards first to move forwards – we had fun investigating how far we could make a toy mouse travel across the carpet.  Other toys, that we played with needed a lever or slider to help them move.  We particularly liked how a wooden snowman could move his hat on and off his head.  Later on, the boys and girls used their new knowledge of toys to design a Santa popping out of a chimney.  Some children designed his boots bursting out of the chimney, whilst others drew his face.  Their designs were bright and colourful.  Now we can’t wait to make the toy itself.

Article 28:  We all have the right to a good quality education.

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