999 What’s Your Emergency?

In Design and Technology, Year Two have started to make a fire engine. First, the children looked at lots of different fire engines from the past to the present day. We discussed what fire engines need in order to work effectively (E.g. a ladder, a hose and sirens). They then designed their fire engines by drawing a picture of what they would like it to look like.

This week, we have started to build our fire engines. First, the children had to wrap their box in red paper. (This was great practice for wrapping Christmas presents). Although, it took a lot of patience and perseverance! Next, the children added their ladder, siren and windows. Some even made a hose! Now that the children had made the main component of their vehicle, it was time to construct the Chassis (sha-see). The children had lots of fun learning to say this word! We look forward to seeing the finished product next week!

Article 19 – We all have the right to be protected and kept safe.


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