The science of sound

Year 4’s science topic this half term has been all about sound. The children have had lots of fun exploring how sounds are made using instruments and everyday objects. They loved being able to make as much noise as they wanted in a lesson, for once! The children have observed how sounds are made when an object vibrates and makes the air around it vibrate, and can explain why this means that there is no sound in space. They have studied how sound travels in waves, and that different sounds produce different sized and shaped waves. Some excellent work was produced to show the structure and function of the human ear and explain how we hear sounds. We ended the topic with an investigation into which material would be the best at soundproofing, by making our own ear defenders using a variety of materials. Most children decided that cotton wool was the most effective because it was able to absorb the sound waves.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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