End of Year Letter from Mr Malik

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would appreciate it if you would download my letter below (please click on the image) in which I explain the current position we are in, within the context of the lockdown, and some initial information regarding our plans to open to all pupils, from September.

Although this is a longer letter than normal, I feel it is important that I summarise all that has happened and thank you for all your support through such difficult times.

As you will probably know, we still do not have all the information from government which will be used to guide reopening but we are able to work within what we know will be necessary.  However, the latest information published on Thursday 2nd July will be used to develop our logistical plans and risk assessment.  Within the letter, I have detailed some of the essential points that you will need to be aware of for the start of the new term (which can also be found separately below for ease of access); however, within the first week of September, before children start in the second week, we will provide confirmation especially in relation to drop-off and collection points.

What do parents/carers need to know for September?

It is essential that we continue to work as a community and understand that measures will be in place which will protect us all, but which rely on everyone – staff, parents and children – knowing their roles and responsibilities.  Although there will be several changes in school, these will be mainly for staff and children to know and understand.  From a parent/carer perspective, you need to be aware of the aspects which affect you at the beginning and end of the day as we plan to attempt to reduce the volume of individuals on site at any one time.

Please click below for uniform guidance which also has important information about PE kits.

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What an absolutely lovely and heart warming letter. The school and staff have done an extraordinary job under extraordinary circumstances. I cannot begin to imagine the work, effort and hours of planning and organisation that have gone into each change made. Since Aaron and Leia have been back at school I have seen those changes in action and have felt safe and secure for both me and the children. You have implemented an excellent drop off and pick up process and all with a smile on everyone's face. I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work in these unprecedented times and couldn't be happier that my children are a part of Harlow Green school. Well done and I hope you all have a chance for a break over the summer holidays.

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