Year 6 Weekly English and Maths – 6/7/20


In English, we will spend two days reading and comprehending the text; one day on the grammar focus and two days planning, writing and editing a text.

Text – Poetry

If by Rudyard Kipling


The comprehension is differentiated, with the answers provided for each set of questions. Make sure you select a set of questions that will really challenge your reading skills.

Comprehension Questions and Answers

Grammar Focus

We will be focusing on poetic devices and how to use them in our writing – particularly similes, metaphors and personification.

Personification Worksheets

Figurative Language

Writing Task

You are going to write your own poem titles ‘If.’ Your poem will be to give advice to future Year 6 children about how to become a successful ‘Leaver.’

What I’m Looking For:

  • Use of figurative language.
  • Appropriate images.
  • Repetition.
  • Following the pattern of the original poem.

Resources to help:

Personification Poster

Analysing Poetry

Similes and Metaphors


Children should spend 20 minutes at least three times per week using Reading Plus.


Topic – Shape

This week we will be revising different elements of our shape knowledge including looking at the properties of shapes; how to draw shapes; angle facts and the nets of 3D shapes.

Resources to help:

Properties-of-shapes ppt

Angle ppt


Nets ppt.pptx

Additional activities





angles-in-triangles worksheet Vertical Format –

Horizontal Format –

Draw Shapes Accurately

Calculating Angles on a Straight Line


Over this week and next wee, we will be beginning to think about moving on and saying goodbye to Harlow Green. We will be doing some work writing about our memories and transition into our secondary schools.

Leavers Year Book


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