Year 2 Weekly English and Maths – 08/05/2020


In English we will spend two days reading and comprehending the text; one day on the grammar focus and two days planning, writing and editing a text.

Text -Explanation Text: Dolphins

Dolphins Text


Dolphin Comprehension Questions

Dolphin Comprehension Answers

Grammar Focus

In your explanation text, you will use different types of sentences. You will use statements and questions, and maybe even an exclamation!  Use the PowerPoint to remind yourself of the different sentence types (you might need an adult/older sibling to help you read through it), then complete the questions to test yourself (an adult might help you read the questions, but you should answer as independently as possible). There are 10 questions to answer, but if you are struggling with one of the questions move on (if you have time you could always come back to it!).

Sentence Types PPT

Sentence Types Questions

Sentence Types Answers

Writing Task

Your task is to write an information text about an animal of your choice. You should answer the same questions asked in the Dolphins text (these could be your subheadings or you could choose different ones). Remember to look at the Dolphins text to guide you!

What I’m Looking For:

  • Title
  • Subheading (questions)
  • Variety of sentence types

Resources to help:

Information text template

Which animal will you choose?

Reading and Phonics

Children should spend 20 minutes at least three times per week using Lexia or Reading Plus.

Some children should take part in daily phonics from Ruth Miskin (this may be good for a recap of their phonics knowledge!)


In Maths, we will spend the week focusing on a particular topic e.g. shape or place value. Activities will then be set on Athletics that are based upon this subject.

Topic – Arithmetic: 4 Operations

This week, we will be recapping addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods. Each day, we will focus on one method and Friday will be a mixture of operations to consolidate your learning. Go through the PowerPoint each day before attempting the work!

Resources to help:

Teaching for the whole week: 4 Operations PPT

Additional activities

Monday: Column Addition

Column Addition Answers

Tuesday: Column Subtraction

Column Subtraction Answers

Wednesday: Multiplication Arrays

Thursday: Division by Sharing

Division by Sharing 2

Friday: Arithmetic


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