EYFS Weekly Home Learning Tasks – 18/05/20

This week we would like you to share the story ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’  on the link below. You then may like to try some of these activities.




Writing Ideas:

In the story, Harry loses his dinosaurs after he accidentally leaves the bucket on a train! Do you have a possession that you really love? How would you feel if it went missing or got lost? How could you get it back? Can you write a sentence or draw a picture about how you would feel and why? Use the emotion mats to help you choose some new words to describe how you would feel. If you’re not sure what the words mean, ask a grown up. You might like to write about how you would feel once you had found your special item.

Example: I lost my favourite teddy. I dropped it. It made me very upset. I found it and I felt ecstatic.


Emotion Mats

Maths Ideas:

Can you use the lost dinosaurs to work out any practical subtraction sums? Use some plastic dinosaurs or toys to help you. If you don’t have any, you could always draw some. Use the sheets below for inspiration to get you started.

Example:  There were four dinosaurs but two got lost in the swamp. How many are left?

What about if you found the dinosaurs? How many would you have? Add them back together again!

Example: Four dinosaurs got lost, but then they were found by two dinosaurs. How many dinosaurs do you have now?

Dinosaurs need to eat! Can you share some bones out in between all those hungry dinosaurs?

Example: I have two dinosaurs and four bones. They are both hungry. How can we share them out?

Harry carries his dinosaurs in a bucket in the story. Do you have any buckets or containers at home? Use coloured water and experiment with different sized containers. Explore filling them up and emptying the different containers.

Can you decide which has the most when it is full? And which one has the least? Can you order the containers? Do you know what empty, full and half-full means? If not, can you find out? Record it if you want! There are some cards linked down below to help you.


Dinosaur Addition sheets

Dinosaur Subtraction sheets

Capacity Cards

Topic Ideas:

  • What do you know about dinosaurs? How many are they? Can you name them? What do they eat? Can you make a fact file for a chosen dinosaur? Use the cards below, the internet or even some dinosaur books if you have them to find out some facts.  Record it if you like.
  • Can you move around like a dinosaur? Play some music and stomp around. Think about how dinosaurs would sound.
  • As Harry’s dinosaurs get bigger, the bucket that they live in will become too small.  They’ll need somewhere else to live. Can you create a new home for the dinosaurs? Perhaps use junk to bring your dinosaur home to life.
  • Can you design your own dinosaur? What would it have? Legs? Feathers? Wings? A tail? Scales? Claws? Teeth? Label this if you want to.
  • Can you make a paper plate dinosaur? Would it have spikes? A tail? What colour would it be? Can you cut it out yourself? You can use anything you have at home to decorate and join together. Paint, coloured pens or pencils or even collage.
  • Can you make a dinosaur fossil? Once you have made it, maybe you could get a grown up to hide them for you to discover!
  • If you have some toy dinosaurs at home, why don’t you dip their feet into some paint and see what pattern they make when you print it on paper? You could chose a different colour for every dinosaur you use, and even try to write their names.


Dinosaur Facts

Fact file blank template

Dinosaur Design Sheet

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2H_bnLhWPs    – Paper Plate Dinosaur

Science Experiment – Dinosaur Fossils


Watch the daily Read Write Inc lessons online and then complete the reading and letter formation activity sheet that goes with each lesson.  Click on the link below.



Set 1 letter formation sheets:  s, a, m, ng, nk.   Click on the links below:






Set 2 reading sheets:  air, ar, ir, or, oo.   Click on the links below:






Set 3 reading sheets: ew, u-e, oi, ur, ea, ear. Clink on the links below.

rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set3_ir_ur (1)






We hope you enjoy trying out some of these ideas this week. We would like to see your photos on Tapestry, or you can email us at: [email protected].

Stay Safe,

Miss Hawley and Miss Bradshaw.






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