EYFS Home Learning Tasks -Week 8

This week we would like you to share  the story, ‘Treasures in the Garden’ .  You may then enjoy trying some of the activities below.


Writing ideas:

In the story, Jake explores his garden and finds some imaginary worlds.  Can you describe what you can see in your garden or when you go out for a walk.? You could write a list of things that you can see.

Examples: I can see a shiny pebble.  I saw a pink flower.

You could write a description of the pirate ship or fairy garden that Jake found.

fairy writing frame

pirate writing frame

Maths ideas:

While out for a walk or in your garden try some of the maths challenges suggested in the link below. Choose one or two challenges that you will be able to complete.

maths outside

Topic ideas:

  • Make a picture using natural materials that you find outside.  Can you look carefully at the objects you have used?


  • In the story Jake loses his teddy.  Can you play a prepositions game using a teddy?  Example; put teddy behind the box.  Put teddy in the shoe.  Put teddy between the pillows.  Use the picture cards.  Can you say where teddy is using positional language like: on, under, between, inside, outside, next to? You could hide teddy in the garden and give each other clues to find him.


  • Go on a treasure hunt while out for a walk.  Tick off the things that you see.


  • Make your own imaginary world using toys and other things you have at home.  You could make a playground, superhero world or a cave.  Take a picture of the world you create.
  • Have a go at copying the patterns.  You could use a pencil or draw them on a tray of salt, chalk them outside or paint them.



Watch the daily Read Write Inc lessons online and then complete the reading and letter formation activity sheet that goes with each lesson.  Click on the link below.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ

Set 1 letter formation sheets:  y, sh, th, ch, qu    Click on the links below:

rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set1_ch      rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set1_qu     rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set1_sh   rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set1_thrwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set1_y

Set 2 reading sheets:  ay, ee, igh, ow, oo  Click on the links below:

rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set2_ayrwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set2_ee  rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set2_igh  rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set2_ow  rwi_RPhO_SSPS_Set2_long_oo

We hope you enjoy trying some of these ideas.  We would like to see your photos on Tapestry or send them to: [email protected].

Take care and have fun,

Miss Bradshaw and Miss Hawley

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