Happy Easter

The Easter weekend is still with us and we hope that everyone has been having an enjoyable time.  The weather has been a little mixed but there has been some sunshine which people could have taken advantage of whilst following the national message for keeping ourselves safe.

I’m sure that there was the sharing of chocolate eggs or other treats, for the majority of people, which are really nice to have whilst we are staying at home.  However, it may be advisable to try and refrain from eating these treats too quickly as it may be nice to still have some over the next few weeks when we are still not back to work and school – a little bit of rationing will pay off!

If the children had been in school during this period, we would have had assemblies reminding the children why Christians celebrate Easter.  Within our curriculum, we aim to ensure children have a wide knowledge of the world around them and it is essential for all of us to understand the importance of religious festivals the messages behind them.

Below are two PowerPoint Presentations that could be used to share with children the story and messages in relation to Easter.  The first two are simple retellings of the Easter story (Good Friday and Easter Sunday) which could be used with children of all ages.  The third PowerPoint provides information about how Easter is celebrated in countries around the world showing various similarities and differences.

If you would like to talk to your child about the Easter story, we hope these resources will be of some help.


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