Feel Good Friday – Magical Music

We all love a good tune!  From our earliest years, through our formative teenage years and as some of us move into (and past!) middle age, our changing musical taste has been there for us to enjoy artists that speak to us in different ways.

Recently, the power of music has been highlighted across the world when communities in isolation have had their spirits lifted by impromptu performances by talented neighbours.  These performances (click the link below) have immediately brought joy to many people who have stopped what they are doing and simply listened.

Performance Videos

However, music making us feel better is not just something we think might be the case, it is a scientific fact.  Research has shown that there are clear benefits for us all even if we listen for as little 9 minutes! (The British Academy of Sound Therapy – BAST)

So, when our children are blasting their music once more and we are about to inform them that we “can’t hear ourselves think”, maybe we should take a breath and then ask them to just turn it down a little or, better still, ask if we could join them and listen together.  You never know, we might find something new which makes us all happier.

A few websites that might help spread the musical joy whilst staying at home this Easter weekend:



Kids Karaoke on YouTube

Click on the image below for more cultural activities that may be of interest.  Stay safe everyone!

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