In science this half term, our topic is ‘Electricity’. The children have learnt that electricity is a type of energy we use to make everyday appliances work and have identified which appliances run on mains electricity and which are powered by batteries. They have also discovered the difference between how mains electricity is generated and how batteries work. Using vocabulary such as static, current and flows, year 4 can now explain how electricity behaves. The children had great fun creating their own static electricity by rubbing balloons on their clothing and seeing if they could make their hair stick up or stick their balloon to the wall. As an introduction to electrical circuits, the children were then challenged to make a bulb light using only kitchen foil and a single battery. Everyone was incredibly excited when they got their bulb to light and are now beginning to understand how current electricity needs to travel around a circuit  in order to make something work.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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