Boardroom Challenge!

Year 5 are absolutely delighted to be taking part in Newcastle Building Society’s Boardroom Challenge this year, and we started the process with some very special visitors from the company, who came in and spent a morning with each class.

They introduced the idea of the Boardroom Challenge: we need to come up with a fundraising idea to help raise money for a local charity, and if our idea wins, we could be given £500 by NBS to put on our event!

The ladies and gentlemen from Newcastle Building Society taught us about budgets, financial planning, marketing and so much more, and we put our newfound knowledge to work when we designed and made marketing materials for Poppy Pound (a way for children to start earning interest on their pocket money!). We made a poster, a kite and a bag, and loved working out how much to sell them for in order to make a profit!

We had a lovely morning, and enjoyed getting hands on with our budgeting sheets! We produced some fantastic promotional materials, and we can’t wait to see what the Boardroom Challenge teaches us next!


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