Influencing our Political Leaders

On Friday 1st March, Mr Malik delivered an assembly to Year 6 children to explain how the work of Head Teachers, parents and the wider community had led to a debate by MPs being held in Parliament regarding school funding.

Mr Malik explained to the children how the public have been able to make this happen because of the democracy in which we live.  Although politics can seem difficult to understand and frustrating at times, it is essential that we understand the influence we have in the decision-making process and that our children are supported to be informed future-voters.

Please watch the presentation below (pause each page if required) and see what the children learned about.

Article 4: Governments must do all they can to make sure every child can enjoy their rights by creating systems and passing laws that promote and protect and children’s rights. 

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Fantastic great to see the children empowered to learn and influence democracy

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