Welcome to the Jungle!

This week, Year 5 were lucky enough to visit Sunderland Winter Gardens to learn more about our topic of ‘Life in the Rainforest’.

After setting off bright and early, we took part in a fantastic workshop called ‘Animal Adventures’. We looked around the exhibition and found lots of animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest – including a huge tarantula! Our guide taught us how animals have adapted to live in this environment, and we played a game in groups to identify how each animal had adapted, as well as looking at a three and a half metre long anaconda skin!

We visited the Winter Garden and completed the Explorer Trail; we looked around the Gardens and identified the different animals and plants that we would find in the rainforest. We worked out which layer of the rainforest they would be found in, and why.

We also had time to follow the Inventors Trail, which was about the inventors of Sunderland and the North East, which was great fun!

We rounded off our day by visiting Mowbray Gardens and park before heading back to Harlow Green!

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It looks like you had a fantastic time! I have been reliably informed that you not only had an enjoyable experience during which you learned a lot, but that you were also a credit to the school with impeccable behaviour. Well done Year 5!

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