Health and Self Care

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been following the children’s interest in doctors and babies.  A few of the children have recently become big brothers and sisters and lots of children recieved doctors sets and  new baby dolls for Christmas.  The children helped to set up their own doctors surgery in the role play area, where they have been writing prescriptions and appointments, as well as, making each other and the dolls better.  They really enjoyed bathing and dressing the babies which has led us to do some work on keeping clean and healthy. We  have used the giant teeth in the water tray which led to discussions about tooth brushing and visiting the dentist.  We have also read stories linked to personal hygiene including:  ‘ Wiffy Wilson the Wolf Who Wouldn’t Wash’ , ‘ Rapinzel, Rapunzel wash your Hair’ and ‘ Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’.  Take a look at the pictures to see the children enjoying some of these activities.

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